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Baluma Bike are bikes designed mainly for the city. We specialize in Fixed Bike or Single Speed / One Gear bikes. We make sure that the light city bike is really as light as possible. We build bikes based on individual order and with special care for all of - even the most specialized - details. We constantly improve our products to make them the most modern among those available on the Polish and European market. Baluma bicycles are not only single-row bicycles, but also retro / vintage bicycles and women's twin-tube bicycles.

We are also working on an innovative bicycle with an electric multi-planetary hub - it is this multi-planet hub that allows a compromise combination of the appearance of a typical fixed bike frame with the option of shifting gears and - as a result - the ability to ride on a variety of terrains. Due to the technical advancement, our bikes give the user a lot of possibilities, and above all, great fun to ride.

Stylish bikes for the city from Baluma Bike are also a unique element of interior architecture. They are perfect as a decorative element in office, hotel or business space in general, but those can also be an element of interior design of residential premises. Are you looking for a unique element that will distinguish your premises - the bicycle as an element of decor is the answer to this need. Our bikes fit perfectly into loft, factory or industrial spaces - their design can be completely matching the surrounding space. What is important - if you want to ride, you can use it at any time, because the technical design meets all the requirements for it to be a full-fledged bicycle.

If you have questions - contact us and we will certainly choose a solution that will suit your needs. Baluma bikes are a great pleasure to ride in the full sense of this phrase. Still not fully convinced, or maybe you want to test our products before buying? Call us and arrange a test drive!
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